Who We Are

Kiddies City is a small creative company based in Germany.

Our mission is to create high quality, fun and engaging educational apps for young children.

At Kiddies City, we continuously strive to come up with new and creative ways for children to learn. It is our belief that children learn best when they are having fun. From our own experience as parents we know that observation, repetition and problem solving are suitable ways to teach children new things, but interaction is even more powerful – interaction gets children engaged!

We now have four language learning apps – Yaya Learns English, Yaya Learns Spanish, Yaya Learns Chinese and Yaya Learns German available on Apple App Store.

We understand the importance of a safe virtual environment for our children. Therefore, we make sure that our app contains no ads. The play duration of our products is aligned to no more than a school lesson. All parent information, in-app-purchases and links to websites and social media are blocked behind a protected parental gate. We want you to have the confidence of letting your children interact with our apps without worries.

We look forward to hear your feedback!”

Chin Yee & Mario – Founders

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bright interactive app that encourages children to learn a variety of words in English ranging from numbers, colors, shapes, and everyday words … Alison

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